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Our RIGHTS OF USE policy is very simple, much less restrictive and cheaper.
The price for each illustration depends solely on the chosen illustrator’s pricing policy. International use of high volume publishing incurs no extra costs. The illustrations can be used in the frame of projects without any time limit or restricted number of uses.

  • NO extra tax according to the Client’s profile.  A worldwide publisher pays the same price as a local publisher despite the difference of budgets.
  • NO extra tax applied for repeated use of illustrations in the frame of 10, 15 or 20 different uses or projects.
  • NO extra tax according to the number of copies. For instance, the same price applies for a magazine front page of 2m copies or for a brochure of 500 copies.

The use, choice of territory, duration, category, number of uses are authorized as long as copyright is respected. However, according to our copyright policy, each ordered illustration solely belongs to Graphics-Manufacture and/or the assigned illustrator. Those rights are EXCLUSIVELY conceded to the Client.



Out of respect for works, no changes can be made on illustrations, EXCEPT WITH EXPLICIT PRIOR WRITTEN AGREEMENT between the parties.

Everytime the Client uses each illustration, the illustrator's name and
© graphics-manufacture.com have to be clearly mentioned immediately close to each illustration (or page of illustration credits) and on each copy and format.



Our very competitive rates allow no delay in the payments.

Payments are made online by credit/debit card, or bank transfer, 2 steps: 50% by the time the order is made and 50% when the project is finished.
Paypal or bank transfer possible.  All our indicated prices include VAT.

The illustrator certifies that he is delivering an original work that has never been published before.

Graphics Manufacture and all Illustrators are committed to keep all your details confidential.

The time of completion only starts after the payment was fully received. Graphics Manufacture and illustrators endeavour to deliver the products as soon as possible.


Any partly or full reproduction of this website is strictly prohibited. Using, broadcasting or reproducing any element on Graphics-manufacture.com, whatever the title and format is strictly prohibited.

Accessing this website and visiting it cannot implicitly authorize those acts in any case.

The creation of hyperlinks to this website is not authorized without a prior
e-mail agreement from Graphics-manufacture.com.

Graphics-manufacture.com, and its employees or administrators cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever caused by visiting or using this website or its content, whether directly or indirectly.

Graphics-manufacture.com also declines any responsibility for any error or inaccuracy on this website and for any disruptions of service or dysfunctions.


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